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Justice Strategy for Scotland

Vision for justice in Scotland

Our vision is of a justice system that helps Scotland flourish, creates an inclusive and respectful society where all people live in safety and security, where individual and collective rights are supported and disputes are resolved fairly and swiftly.

Upholding the law and protecting society are essential to help people lead productive lives in safe and secure communities and contribute to a flourishing economy in Scotland.

Our strategy

The Strategy for Justice in Scotland shows how the Scottish Government and justice organisations will achieve this vision and continuously improve the Scottish justice system.  The justice system includes the many people and organisations who work to keep our communities safe and to administer justice in its various forms: civil, criminal and administrative.

No one part of the justice system can improve the whole justice system on its own. Working together, while respecting the proper separation of organisational powers, is crucial to deliver an effective and efficient justice system.

This strategy uses clear evidence for decisions and makes us focus on the outcomes of our work.  It ensures we are ambitious and innovative in all that we do so that we succeed in creating a justice system which best serves the people of Scotland.

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Monitoring progress

The Justice Board, which includes Scottish Government Directors and the heads of partner justice organisations, monitors the progress of the Justice Strategy. The Justice Dashboard has been developed to enable this effective monitoring of progress and outcomes.


For further information or queries please email justicechange@scotland.gsi.gov.uk.