Make sure your firearm is legal


At present, most airguns do not require to be licensed. For an air rifle that is more powerful than 12 ft lb, (16.25J) you must have a firearm certificate, obtainable from your local police force.

The Scottish Government is committed to regulating air weapons in the near future.  Find out more about air weapon licensing.

Although airguns, with very few exceptions (as outlined above), are not currently required to be kept on a firearm certificate, they are still classed as firearms and fall under the control of the firearms legislation.

Anyone who wants a firearms licence for sport must first be a regular member of a club and be active in competitions.

If you are not sure whether you need a certificate for your airgun, contact your local police.

Police Scotland Firearms Licensing Departments:

Aberdeen Firearms & Explosives Licensing:

01224 306 270

Stirling Firearms & Explosives Licensing

01259 727 668

Dundee Firearms & Explosives Licensing

01382 596 859

Edinburgh Firearms & Explosives Licensing

0131 311 32978/8

Glasgow Firearms & Explosives Licensing

0141 532 2486

Inverness Firearms & Explosives Licensing

01463 720 484

Fife Firearms & Explosives Licensing

01592 418 424

Dumfries & Galloway Firearms & Explosives Licensing

0845 600 5701