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UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW - Disaster Rehabilitation for Women (Pakistan)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £46,550

The University of Glasgow will empower women in the Siran Valley in northern Pakistan to cope with natural disasters. Through the marketing of handicraft products, educational training workshops and developing coping strategies to deal with disasters, the result will be a sustainable community with increased resilience and knowledge to cope with natural disasters and improved long-term socio-economic capacity of women and children.

SAVE THE CHILDREN - Empowerment and Protection (Pakistan)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £400,000

Building on a previous project to address child labour, Save the Children will provide livelihood support to the families of working children, as well as educational opportunities for the children. Through the establishment of women's community groups, the project will manage a fund to support 200 micro-enterprises run by young women. The project will also provide access to education for 700 older working children in the Peshawar district and will raise awareness and provide training on child rights and protection.

OXFAM SCOTLAND - Empowerment of Poor Farmers in Sindh and South Punjab Provinces of Pakistan (Pakistan)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £348,000

Oxfam Scotland will address the problems faced by small-scale farmers (particularly women) in Pakistan by supporting applicants to the land distribution programme and establishing and strengthening agricultural producer organisations. Oxfam Scotland will work with their partners in country to increase understanding and use of sustainable agricultural practices as well as providing support for enterprise and business start ups.

CHRISTIAN ENGINEERS IN DEVELOPMENT - Community Water Project, Thar (Pakistan)

Total award for 2010 to 2013: £145,305

The project aims to improve sustainable water and livestock management for 5,000 people in vulnerable communities in the Thar desert, Pakistan. The project will improve communities' capacity to manage their resources through the construction of wells and water tanks and the establishment of kitchen gardens. The project will also provide advocacy training and awareness raising to the target communities on their socio-economic rights.

ISLAMIC RELIEF WORLDWIDE - Small Scale Business Development (Pakistan)

Total award for 2010 to 2013: £398,964

Islamic Relief Worldwide will provide micro-finance services to communities and targeted support for potential entrepreneurs. With their partners in country, they will deliver training on business development and enterprise management and will support existing businesses in gaining better access to local, national and international markets. Training will also be delivered on issues related to climate change and the its effect on their livelihood activities.

MERCY CORPS SCOTLAND - SKYE: The Start-Up Kashmir Youth Entrepreneur Development Project (Kashmir)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £400,000

Mercy Corps Scotland will deliver an integrated and targeted response to a specific set of barriers related to the business-enabling environment and the lack of specific initiatives, expertise and co-ordination that are impeding youth entrepreneurship in Kashmir. The project will also deliver awareness raising, skills building and mentoring, alongside access to finances to enable youths to leverage improved private and government support to start up their enterprises.

SCIAF - Agrarian Prosperity Programme for 10 villages of Palkot Block of Gumla District (India)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £399,971

SCIAF will work with their partners in India to support local communities to achieve a sustained increase in agricultural output. Through the establishment of farmer associations for marginal and women farmers, the project will provide training to support sustainable organic farming methods to ten villages within the Gumla district of Jharkhand state, Northern India. The project will also work with volunteers in the ten villages to put in place disaster risk mitigation programmes to support community responses to a range of natural disasters.

OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL (UK) - Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (India)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £326,313

Opportunity International will work with their partner in country to provide business, financial literacy and social awareness training for marginalised women, enabling them to contribute to household income, increase their household decision making ability, support their families financial goals and play a greater role in the household and community.


Total award for 2010-11: £20,000

Glasgow Caledonian University will focus on diabetes education and prevention, with a particular focus on the early identification of diabetic foot disease. This innovation project will provide Indian physicians with the skills required to provide appropriate advice and patient education, thereby reducing the need for amputation.

GLOBAL CONCERNS TRUST (INNOVATION PROJECT) - Transformative Leadership- Women (India)

Total award for 2010 -11 to 2011-12: £20,000

Global Concerns Trust will engage elected women representatives on governance in democracy, enabling them to make informed decisions that affect their voters, and practise transparency and accountability in governance. This will be achieved by the formation of social justice, health and education committees, networking and coalition building.

QUEEN MARGARET UNIVERSITY - Co-operative Tourism Development (India)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £383,580

Queen Margaret University will promote sustainable economic development through tourism in at least six rural districts across three Indian states. The project will work by empowering destination communities to realise the value of their cultural and natural heritage and establish opportunities for 'co-operative tourism.' At least 10 new tourism businesses will be created, using a co-operative model involving up to 1,000 individuals, including women and other marginalised stakeholder groups.

BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY - Bangladesh Community Disaster Preparedness Project (BCDPP)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £288,603

Working in Bangladesh, this project seeks to support both climate change adaptations and disaster mitigation in vulnerable coastal communities. The British Red Cross will provide educational materials training to engage communities and raise awareness of disaster preparedness. The project will also address climate change through the provision of workshops which will raise awareness on suitable adaptations at community level.

VOLUNTARY SERVICE OVERSEAS (VSO) - Secure Livelihoods in Bangladesh (Bangladesh)

Total award for 2010-2013: £347,746

This project will increase the capacity of vulnerable workers/farmers to engage with formal market structures in order to ensure better prices for their produce and advocate for fair wages and decent employment conditions. Model pilot projects will be established to demonstrate and train workers/farmers on alternative, sustainable, market orientated livelihoods. Youth Clubs in local communities will be used by the project as a means to deliver the training and demonstrate models of alternative successful livelihood practices.

THE LEPROSY MISSION SCOTLAND - Generating Income in Chittagong (Bangladesh)

Total award for 2010 - 2013 : £199,266 for 2010-2013

The Leprosy Mission Scotland will improve the socio-economic status of marginalised communities, especially those affected by leprosy or disability, through the creation of self help groups and the provision of loans and training on income generating activities. The project will also run awareness raising sessions in the target communities which will include representation from the Government and local leaders.

SCOTTISH POLICE COLLEGE - Sustainable Livelihoods through Community Policing (Sri Lanka)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £381,007

Through a combination of research, training and supported development activities the Scottish Police College will work with the police service in Sri Lanka to develop and roll out a vocational award in community policing. Through the development of this new accredited qualification, the project will work with police officers and community leaders to develop community policing capacity at local level, which focuses on reducing crime and addressing discrimination and inequality.

SIGHTSAVERS - Disabled People's Livelihoods (Sri Lanka)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £316,314

Sightsavers will work with people with disabilities in the Ampara district of Sri Lanka to reduce poverty and improve their access to services. The project will offer training and assistance to people with disabilities enrolling at government vocational training institutes and support over 200 beneficiaries to establish self employment/small businesses. The project will also provide education and support groups to enable people with disabilities to participate equally in community life in the Ampara district.

CHALLENGES WORLDWIDE - Sri Lanka Enterprise Development (Sri Lanka)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £326,724

Working with their partners in country, Challenges Worldwide will design, market and deliver a course for trainee business consultants. The training will cover finance, human resource management, marketing and strategic planning and will develop a pool of qualified business consultants capable of delivering a range of services tailored to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises in Sri Lanka.

CHRISTIAN AID, (SCOTLAND OFFICE) - Inclusive Economic Development - South Asia (Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka)

Total award for 2010 - 2013: £400,000

Christian Aid will work with families in communities in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka to address economic exclusion. The project will establish common interest groups, provide them with training and business development services and support to enable business start ups and growth, resulting in successful enterprises run by socially excluded families on a sustainable basis.

LEONARD CHESHIRE DISABILITY SCOTLAND- Livelihoods for Disabled People (Bangladesh, India and Pakistan)

Total award for 2010 to 2013: £391,684

The project aims to improve access to livelihood opportunities for people with disabilities in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh through development, training and support to equip people with the skills, abilities and support to enable them to obtain employment, or start a business of their choice. Leonard Cheshire has experience of working in 53 countries worldwide in helping people with disabilities meet some of the challenges they face in supporting themselves and their families. Their work in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan will operate through existing centres which will be strengthened. Staff training will be provided, and outreach will also be conducted to reach as many people as possible. Services provided will include training, career guidance, mentoring and facilitation of job training and placement schemes with employers.