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Humanitarian crisis

The crisis in Syria began in 2011 with mass demonstrations against the Government which grew steadily worse before eventually deteriorating into a full scale civil war.  More than two years of war have now had a devastating impact on many Syrian families and have left more than six million people in need of aid. In many parts of the country the health system has effectively collapsed, water supplies have been cut and food is in short supply.

In addition, two million people have now fled to the neighbouring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. Refugees are arriving at camps which are already stretched to capacity, and many families are living in crude shelters they have built themselves, with host families in overcrowded conditions or in partially finished buildings.

Map of Syria


In March 2013, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) launched an appeal for emergency humanitarian aid.  On 28 March, the Scottish Government announced an initial donation of £100,000 to the DEC appeal which was then doubled to £200,000 in September of that year.  The money has been allocated to all the members of the Disasters Emergency Committee and is being spent on providing humanitarian assistance to those in most need both within Syria and amongst the refugee community in neighbouring countries.