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Malawi Floods 2014-15


At the end of 2014 and into January and February of 2015, Malawi was hit by unusually heavy rains which led to widespread devastating flooding. The rains caused damage to over 150,000 acres of land and led to around 230,000 people becoming displaced with loss of life to nearly 300 people. A number of Scottish Government funded projects were also hit by the flooding.

A picture of flooding in Malawi


On 21 January 2015, the Minister for Europe & International Development announced a total of £150,000 Scottish Government funding to assist the people who had been affected by flooding in Malawi. Of this amount, £120,000 was provided directly to UNICEF, one of the leading organisations on the ground responding to the disaster. A further £30,000 was distributed amongst a number of Scottish based smaller organisations to also assist with the flooding relief as outlined below:

Scottish Organisation

Malawi Partner


SG Funding

FROM (Famine Relief for Orphans in Malawi)

Scotland-Chikwawa Health Initiative* and DC in Chikwawa



Church of Scotland World Mission Council

Blantyre Synod (CCAP)

Blantyre and surrounding area


Children’s Medical Care Malawi

College of Medicine and Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital



Scotland Malawi Foundation

Opportunity Bank



EMMS International

Mulanje Mission Hospital



On 5 April 2015 the Minister for Europe & International Development announced a further £30,000 Scottish Government funding to go to Concern Universal for solar lanterns to help people in Malawi who had been displaced by floods. A further £8000 was provided to the Healthy Lifestyle project to deal with flooding that had affected the project.