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Additional Projects

Organisation:  Police Scotland

Project Title:  Developing Child Protection and Gender Based Violence Awareness in the Republic of Malawi

Project Detail:  Police Scotland officers will deliver the provision of technical support, co-ordination and advocacy to mainstream protection issues in response to the current food insecurity crisis in Malawi.  This programme will promote access to assistance and services for particularly vulnerable individuals and groups, particularly in the south of the country. This work forms part of the response to the Government of Malawi’s Food Insecurity Response Plan 2016-17.  Its objectives are twofold:  

  • to reduce violence, abuse and exploitation of children in disaster affected districts and;

  • to reduce the prevalence of gender based violence among disaster affected communities.

Total funding:  £662,641 over 3 years


Organisation:  University of Glasgow, College of Medicine (Malawi)

Project Title:  Blantyre-Blantyre Clinical Research Project

Project Detail:  This project will establish vital laboratory facilities for clinical research at the College of Medicine in Blantyre, enabling research to be undertaken into increasingly prevalent non-communicable diseases in Malawi. In doing so, it will aim to establish the key markers of these diseases amongst the local population, and to compare these results with research into The Glasgow Effect and the prevalence of similar conditions in the population of West Central Scotland. The facilities will also enable the College of Medicine to host clinical trials of the drugs associated with these conditions, as well as providing a future platform for clinical trials in other areas.

This project is jointly funded by a grant for the World Bank, and is being undertaken in association with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust.

Total funding:  £1,000,000 over 5 years


Organisation:  Scotland Malawi Mental Health Education Project (SMMHEP)

Project Title:  Scotland Malawi Psychiatry Capacity Development Project

Project Detail:  This project aims to address the chronic lack of mental healthcare provision in Malawi. Building on two previous Scottish Government grants that established Malawi's first ever M.Med Psychiatry, it will provide funding for four trainees to become clinically qualified psychiatrists at Malawi's College of Medicine. Trainees will undertake 2 years' training at the College of Medicine and 2 years' specialist tuition at the University of Cape Town. The trainees will be supported by e-learning materials previously created under a University of Edinburgh project funded by the Scottish Government.

Total funding:  Up to £300,000 over 4 years


Organisation: University of Strathclyde

Project Title: Community Energy Malawi

Funding: £100k (2016-17)

Project Detail: To provide funding plus business and technical support for this small Malawi-based NGO, which supports rural communities in accessing clean energy, improving health, education and economic development.


Organisation: IRRI

Project Title: ‘Rurenki’ electricity kiosks

Funding: £68,794 (2016-17)

Project Detail: To improve the sustainability of two Scottish Government-funded rural electricity kiosks in Southern Malawi, through business and technical training.  The kiosks bring clean energy access to remote communities improving education, health and economic development.