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SG Guidance for ID Grant Holders

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Title:Managing IDF Grants
Description:Advice and guidance on complying with SG grant management requirements.
File:Scottish Government ID Grant Holders Guidance Note [DOCX, 146.7 kb: 10 Jun 2015]
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Managing IDF Grants

Managing International Development Fund grants


From time to time, the Scottish Government issues updated guidance to grant holders regarding its reporting requirements. This guidance covers issues such as underspends, overspends, grant holder running costs, per diems, and Government of Malawi strand leads. The latest guidance note can be found at the link above.


General Reporting Procedures


  • Staff scrutinise 6-monthly project reports against the five OECD DAC Criteria for Evaluating Development Assistance (Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Impact and Sustainability) and work closely with grant holders to ensure progress is satisfactory, against agreed objectives and budget. Only once a report is satisfactory will the next tranche of project funds be released.


  • A further change in 2015 to our grant processes is that grantees now receive an updated grant offer letter at the beginning of each year of their project, confirming the amount of grant for that year; this will take account of any project changes, underspends etc that have arisen during the previous year affecting the project and its budget. This ensures better record keeping for audit purposes, as part of good governance.


  • the International Development Team will continue to monitor projects also for innovations and good practice arising, and then seek to share these across all other grant holders –projects have in recent years been asked to share learning about renewable energy best practice, micro finance etc. Grantees have also been keen to work in this way.


Reporting Templates


  • For the current projects being funded under the IDF:


  • Malawi: the reporting timescales/dates for Malawi projects are set out here and reporting templates can be found here.


  • Sub-Saharan Africa: the reporting timescales/dates for SubSaharan Africa projects are set out here and reporting templates can be found here


  • South Asia: the reporting timescales/dates for the South Asia projects are set out here and reporting templates can be found here.



Other funding under the International Development Fund


  • our core funded bodies NIDOS, Scotland Malawi Partnership and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum also report to the same 6 month timescales.

  • The Scottish Government Small Grants Programme is managed separately for the Scottish Government by Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, which also includes a rigorous assessment at application stage. All small grant instalments are additionally subject to similar evaluation processes to the main International Development Fund programmes, with reporting twice yearly. Reports are scrutinised against project outcomes, activities and budgets. Payments are made annually subject to satisfactory progress being made.


Managing Climate Justice Fund grants

  • CJF projects are subject to the same reporting requirements as our IDF projects, and reporting templates can be found here CJF Reporting Templates.