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Regional Cohesion and Rural Communities

Ensuring all parts of Scotland benefit from sustainable economic growth and contribute to it is essential to Scotland's prosperity and cohesion.

European Structural and Investment funding will be invested in a range of projects between 2014 and 2020 to help businesses and communities throughout Scotland build a more innovative, low-carbon economy as well as promote international business, tackle poverty and get people back into work.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a vital tool in ensuring the long-term future and competitiveness of the EU agricultural sector. Funding through the reformed CAP is worth approximately £660m annually for Scotland’s rural economy, providing economic, environmental and social benefits across Scotland. At the EU level, we want to help make the CAP work better for Scotland, specifically by working with our European partners towards simplifying the CAP, to help ensure EU policies which target or impact on rural communities are fit for purpose.  Scotland's new £1.3 billion Rural Development Programme (SRDP) over the 2014-20 period will support actions that benefit Scotland's natural heritage and in doing so, provide a basis for the growth in areas such as tourism and hospitality. The SRDP will also foster networking and innovation in land-based businesses, promote growth of the Food and Drink sector and strengthen local economies.

The Scottish Government aims to put communities at the heart of decision-making about future energy provision, empowering them to take an economic stake in new developments. The EU provides opportunities to engage in projects and partnerships that allows Scotland to share its good practice in this area and learn from the experience of others.