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Smart Regulation for Smart Growth

The Scottish Government is committed toSmarter Regulation for Smart Growth Better Regulation, championing the principles that: regulation should be proportionate, consistent, accountable, transparent and targeted only where needed. We want to ensure that the regulatory framework in Scotland – and  the regulations we implement – are business friendly, create a level playing field and optimise scope for business growth.

In February 2016, a policy seminar was held in Scotland House in the heart of Brussels to showcase how Scotland is delivering better regulation and to share approaches and best practice from the European Commission and other member states and regions.

With over 40 delegates attending, experts from the Scottish Government, European Commission, Denmark, The Netherlands and Bavaria covered a diverse range of examples and approaches to delivering better regulation.   

The audience heard about using risk based enabling approaches to achieve intended outcomes, combining both quantitative (deregulation) and qualitative (better regulation) measures, and the use of stakeholder groups such as the REFIT Platform, Danish Business Forum, Making It Work and the Regulatory Review Group

The chair of Scotland’s independent Regulatory Review Group facilitated a panel discussion and, joined by Business Europe, this led to a lively, engaging discussion touching on issues such as the impact better regulation has on business, encouraging better regulation in non-EU countries for trade purposes and how sub-national and regional differences can be recognised. Delegates and speakers took advantage of the networking opportunities provided after the event to discuss and exchange views. This concluded what was an interesting and informative event to promote better regulation and its contribution to providing a favourable business environment and achieving sustainable economic growth.

A storify of the event can be accessed at Smart Regulation for Smart Growth.

The expert presentations can be viewed and downloaded here.

  • Oonagh Gil; Smart Regulation for Smart Growth – The Scottish Perspective
  • George Burgess; Better Environmental Regulation in Scotland
  • Prof. Russel Briggs; Regulatory Review Group

European Commission:

  • Jonathon Stoodley; Smart Regulation for Smart Growth

Bavarian State Chancellery:

  • Dr. Thomas Wunsch; Delivering Better and Smarter Regulation

Danish Business Authority:

  • Mikael Bomholt Nielsen; Better Regulation – The Danish Approach

Government of The Netherlands, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment:

  • Jan Teekens; Simpler and Better - The Netherlands program to reform the regulation of activities affecting the physical (living) environment