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LFEE Europe

LFEE EuropeRichard Tallaron, Director and co-founder of LFEE Europe, tells us how the organisation has benefitted from EU funding and cooperation with European partners to develop and spread modern languages training across Scotland.

LFEE Europe is an independent Teacher Training Centre based in Scotland since 1999, specialising in the teaching of Modern Languages. We offer a range of educational and training services for learners and Educators within Scotland and in the rest of Europe.

Our training programmes include Immersion Courses for Primary and Secondary teachers in France, Spain and Scotland. These courses provide a balanced combinationLFEE Europe of language, methodology and cultural activities for practitioners. Over the past 10 years more than 3,000 teachers coming from all over Europe have participated in our immersion courses. Participants receive funding from the European Union Mobility Programme (currently ERASMUS+) which covers all expenses: travel, course fee, subsistence and accommodation.

Over 70% of participants on our Immersion Courses come from Scotland. Over the past 4 years, 250 teachers from Scotland have been able to attend, every year, a course in France or Spain under the Erasmus+ programme. Recently, our courses have been accredited by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

When LFEE Europe started to organise these courses in 2002, working closely with the British Council, it was unusual for a teacher from Scotland to attend a course abroad under the then Comenius programme. Thanks to our efforts and that of our partners in Scotland (Education Scotland, SCILT), the number of Scottish teachers taking part in an Erasmus+ course now represents around 30% of all UK participants.

LFEE Europe receives the support of the French embassy in the UK and the General Teaching Council in Scotland as well as support from National European Agencies and from the European Centre for Modern Languages. As well as this support, LFEE Europe works with strategic partners such as Education Scotland, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages (SCILT), Scottish Local Authorities, the Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools (CISS), HMIe and, in France, the DAREICs (International and European Cooperation Bureau in Education) and French Local Education Authorities (Académies).

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For more information please contact: LFEE Europe.