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Scotland in the EU - See Our Work

Scotland's Action Plan for EU Engagement sets out how we will focus our activity on four main areas:

  • Being a Committed Partner
  • EU Reform
  • Active Participation - including working to secure investment, innovation and inclusive growth to support Scotland’s Economic Strategy
  • Strengthening Partnerships

See examples of how we are delivering in these areas below.

Brussels Events

Scotland is an active and engaged partner in the EU. One of the ways in which The Scottish Government raises awareness of its EU presence and interacts with EU stakeholders is by hosting several cultural and policy events that showcase Scotland's rich cultural heritage and promote its EU priorities. These events are held at Scotland House, on Rond Point Schuman, which is situated in the heart of the Brussels EU district.

View the full list of Brussels events here.

Brussels Ministerial Visits

Scottish ministers regularly attend EU Councils as well as other EU Institutional meetings and events in Brussels in order to fully participate and engage with our EU counterparts. 

View the full list of ministerial visits here.

Case Studies

How the Scottish National Reform Programme supports the Scottish Government's aim to create a society where all have the opportunity to flourish, and equally contributes, as a commited partner, to the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy.

Read how the Scottish Government has taken a leading role in an EU project to help over 3000 people in Scotland who suffer from depression to access high quality treatment through ICT.

Read about how the Scottish Government and its partners are supporting language learning to increase employability and promote Scotland's international business links.

Read how Glasgow Caledonian University has targeted participation in the EU-funded Erasmus+ programme to build partnerships across the world, and realise its ambitions to work "for the common good".

Read how Edinburgh World Heritage have used EU-funded programmes to develop their own capacity, invest in skills, and establish productive partnerships across Europe.

On 29 February First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave a speech to the Resolution Foundation setting out the positive case for Scotland, and the UK, to remain in the EU.

Read about Minister for Europe and International Development Humza Yousaf's visit to Ireland in which he address audiences on the coming referendum on the UK's EU membership, and opened the Scottish Government's new Innovation and Investment Hub in Dublin.

In February 2016 the Scottish Government hosted experts from the European Commission, Denmark, The Netherlands and Bavaria to discuss approaches to Better Regulation.

The European Commission has set out proposals to realise a European Digital Single Market which could add up to €415 billion to European economic output. Read how the Scottish Government has engaged to ensure Scotland’s particular interests are recognised, and that the proposals' benefits can be maximised by the people and enterprises of Scotland.

  • Featured Study - LFEE Europe - Active Participation - Securing Investment - February 2016

Read how LFEE Europe has developed foreign language teaching in Scotland, and increased Scotland's links with our European partners.

Read how the Scottish Government has been working with the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs to assist with the development of EU policy to combat youth unemployment.

Read how the Scottish Government represents Scotland's fishing industry and communities in the annual negotiations at the December European Council of Fishing Ministers.

Read about how Scotland's participation in the "Way to Learn to Work" project is supporting disadvantaged young people to enter into the labour market.

Having recently marked the fortieth anniversary of the European Commission Office in Scotland, you can read here about the history fo the Office in Scotland and the role it plays today. 

Minister for Youth Employment Annabelle Ewing hosted a seminar on Scotland House in Brussels looking at initiatives in Scotland and across Europe to tackle the gender gap in enterprise.

Read about Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop's visit to Dublin to speak to the European Movement Ireland about how the Scottish Govenment will act to protect Scotland's EU membership.

Read how the Scotland and Poland, and the Wojtek Memorial Trust, worked together to commemorate "the soldier bear" with a memorial in Princes Street Gardens.

Read about Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop's visit to Paris to meet with French Government counterparts, and her contribution to the Friends of Europe annual State of the EU conference in Brussels.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney visited Brussels in September to deliver a speech on inclusive growth, and for a full programme of meetings with key stakeholders in the European Commission and in Brussels think-tanks. 

How Minister for Europe and International Development Humza Yousaf's visit to the Milano EXPO 2015 helped secure investment in Scotland, and strengthen our partnerships in Europe.

How the Scottish Government engages with the UK Government and the Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Executive on EU policy.

How the Scottish Government's, and wider Scottish, presence at EU Green Week 2015 demonstrated Scotland's level of commitment to the need to value our natural resources as part of our economic and social wealth.

How the ISLES II project is moving towards implementation and contributes to the achievement of EU aims to complete the European single market in electricity.

How sustainable island projects in Scotland are contributing to solving the Europe-wide challenge of integrating different energy sources, and illustrate the value of fostering successful innovation.

  • Featured Study - VisitScotland - Active Participation - Securing Investment - May 2015

How VisitScotland's successful collaboration with VisitFlanders has supported its work to secure investment in Scotland's tourism economy.

  • Featured Study - Access 6 Initiative - Active Participation - Securing Investment - May 2015

How the Access 6 initiative has established an invaluable legacy through its work assisting Scottish SMEs to increase their exports into new markets.

How the Scottish Government's involvement in European Structural Funds programmes reduced inequalities and secured investment in Scotland's people, infrastructure and assets during the 2007-2013 programmes.

  • Featured Study - UHI - Active Participation - Securing Investment - April 2015

How the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) has maximised the impact of European Structural Funds and EU competitive funding.

How the Scottish Government's engagement with partners at the SEAFOOD EXPO in Brussels has supported securing investment in Scotland's assets.

How the Scottish Government is working to publicise the benefits that EU membership has brought to Scotland.

How the Scottish Government's participation in the Vanguard Initiative has supported innovation and research excellence in Scotland.

How EU funding has delivered success in an energy interconnection project between Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

How the Scottish Government's involvement in an event at Glasgow Science Centre contributed to strengthening our external relationships and roles.

How our involvement in EU-policy is helping realise the potential of marine renewable power in Scotland.