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Working with other countries

Born out of the needs of European countries to prioritise cooperation over conflict to ensure peace, the enduring relationships of respect and co-operation have driven developments for mutual interest to help Europe lead and shape a better world.

EU membership enables Scotland to play a meaningful role in collective action to address major challenges affecting the continent, from tackling crime and dealing with the serious impacts of climate change to addressing the current global refugee crisis.

Through solidarity and collaboration we can achieve far more than individual states acting alone ever could.

Working with other countries

  • Justice
    EU justice measures are helping us tackle serious organised crime and support victims.  Cooperation between our police and justice agencies helps ensure criminals can be brought to justice across EU borders.

  • Health
    The EU enables states to work together to prevent the spread of illness and disease.  For example, the EU has taken forward joint actions to address cancer and HIV/AIDs, health threats including communicable diseases and major campaigns against drug abuse.

  • Unemployment
    EU funding plays an important part in measures to tackle youth unemployment in Scotland.  European Structural Funds invest in programmes to support young people into work, training or education.  Continued access to EU funding is vital to achieving our goals for a fairer and more prosperous Scotland.

  • Climate change
    EU climate diplomacy was vital in securing the global climate change agreement in Paris in December 2015.  The focus on renewable energy resources within the EU’s research programmes and other funds has led to financial support for numerous projects in Scotland.

  • Environment
    EU membership supports concerted and coherent action to address issues such as air quality, which cross national borders, providing leadership and a joined up approach to waste prevention. European legislation has helped us decrease nitrogen oxides by 67%, particulate matter by 53% and sulphur dioxide by 87% in Scotland since 1990.