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Social Protection and Fundamental Rights

Rights and protections

EU membership means that the rights of people in Scotland are directly protected by EU laws and by a Charter of Fundamental Rights.  Legislation covering everything from employment to equality and from privacy to a healthy environment creates a level playing field across the EU and prevents the exploitation of workers.

If Scotland was to leave the EU these hard fought for rights could be lost.

Rights and protections

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights protects important rights in areas ranging from civil liberties to consumer protection. It requires respect for human dignity and fair treatment for all members of society and prevents the exploitation of workers.

EU Regulations give workers the right:

  • not to be discriminated against on the basis of gender, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation or on the basis of race or ethnicity

  • to 14 weeks maternity leave with at least statutory sick pay and the right to four months parental leave on the birth or adoption of a child

  • to 20 days paid leave each year, and to work no more than 48 hours a week unless you choose to do so

    The Victims’ Rights Directive and Anti-Trafficking Directive help ensure that victims of crime can have the right kind of help, information and support wherever they are in the EU.

Not to be discriminated against