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EU funding

EU Funding

EU funding helps us support our wider goals for Scotland, improving lives, helping businesses to innovate and grow, promoting inclusive growth and promoting Scotland on the international stage to boost our trade and investment, influence and networks.

EU funding comes to Scotland through European Structural Funds, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and a broad range of competitive funding schemes which promote collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and expertise between member states and sub states.

EU funding provides certainty that Scotland will receive significant funding in key areas, supporting a diverse range of initiatives - from retaining farming in fragile areas to promoting social cohesion by tackling youth unemployment.


  • Structural funding
    The European Structural Fund 2014-2020 programmes are investing €941 million in Scotland to improve lives and benefit communities by reducing poverty and social exclusion, boosting educational attainment and skills development, increasing employment, economic activity and innovation and supporting projects with a positive impact on climate change and renewable energy.  The 2007-2013 programme supported almost 100,000 people into work, created over 40,000 jobs, supported over 80,000 enterprises and more than 17,000 new business start-ups.
  • Funding for farmers
    Scotland will receive €4.6 billion to implement the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in Scotland until 2020.  CAP provides vital funding for Scotland’s farmers and landowners, along with a range of competitive support schemes.  €3.7 billion is in direct payments to farmers, with just over €840 million being made available to support the Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP).  The SRDP funds a wide variety of projects across Scotland to help create vibrant rural communities, protect and enhance our environment, develop food, drink and wider rural businesses, and support the forestry and farming sectors, including in vulnerable areas.
  • Research and innovation funding
    Organisations in Scotland have secured €217 million in Horizon 2020 research and innovation funding since 2014, enhancing our scientific and business reputation around the world, our ability to attract and retain world-class researchers, and our opportunities to access new markets and funding.  Scottish higher education organisations and research institutes have been the main beneficiaries, securing over €173 million to March 2016, and boosting our investment in core research and knowledge exchange. Scottish businesses have secured over €39 million.  In the period 2007-13, higher education organisations and research institutes were awarded €630 million of a total €730 million awarded to Scottish organisations.
  • Maritime and fisheries funding
    Scottish Seafood and Marine sectors will receive €107 million in direct assistance through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund between 2014 and 2020, supporting research, development and structural reform.  The previous programme delivered €57 million to just over 1000 projects, generating in excess of €250 million investment and supporting over 8000 jobs.
  • Skills and employability funding
    Through the Erasmus+ programme for 2014-2020, Scots benefit from more than 150 EU-funded projects totalling almost €13 million to boost skills and employability and provide opportunities to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.
  • Funding to cooperate with other countries
    Since 2007 more than 100 Scottish organisations have accessed over €60 million through the EU Interreg programmes to develop cooperation projects with EU partners on issues as diverse as improving innovation in businesses, developing a low carbon economy, community-led renewable energy, the protection of fragile coastal and marine environments, tackling urban deprivation and improving service delivery in remote rural areas.
  • Funding health programmes
    EU funding programmes support innovation to improve and promote health, allowing us to develop new approaches to delivering health and social care.  For example investment of £1.4 million for the United4Health project has helped nearly 6000 Scottish patients in the West of Scotland monitor their health and wellbeing at home using digital technology.  The Scottish Government is now investing almost £30 million in expanding this approach across the rest of Scotland.