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Scotland's Action Plan for EU Engagement

This Scottish Government recognises the vital role our EU membership plays in securing the future prosperity of Scotland, and the impact the EU has upon our work to deliver sustainable growth and address long-standing inequalities in Scotland and in the wider world.

Scotland's Plan for EU Engagement

Scotland’s role in the EU is essential to the Scottish Government’s efforts to help attract business, investment and tourism, and to further Scotland’s wider interests. A strong Scottish voice will enable us to have a real influence over issues that have a significant impact on the people of Scotland, including youth employment, economic growth and public health.

We have set out our proposals for reform of the EU within the context of the current EU Treaty framework, which would ensure that the European institutions focus on taking action in areas that can provide clear benefits for all citizens of the Union. This Action Plan for EU Engagement will focus on securing a strong and positive Scottish influence on key elements of EU policy which can secure investment, address inequalities, and foster innovation in Scotland, and on developing strong partnerships with like-minded European partners for mutual benefit.

The Documents

Read the overarching Action Plan framework:

Visit our Policy pages to see more about the activities we undertake to support the framework.

Case Studies

See examples of how we are delivering in these areas on our Case Studies page. We will continue to update that page with further examples of Scottish activity in Europe.

How Scotland is Performing

Scotland Performs measures and reports on progress of government in Scotland in creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish. View more information on Scotland Performs.


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