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Consultation on Financial Redress

Financial redress was identified as one element of reparation during the process of the Scottish Human Rights Commission InterAction on Historic Abuse of Children in Care.

In a statement to Parliament on 17 November 2016, the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, Mr John Swinney, committed the Scottish Government to a formal process of consultation and engagement with survivors and other relevant parties to fully explore the issues and gather a wide range of views on the provision of financial redress.  The consultation and engagement will specifically consider the issue of financial redress for in care survivors of abuse, as defined in the terms of reference of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

The InterAction Plan Review Group is working in partnership with CELCIS to develop and steer the consultation and engagement process.  There are three parallel strands of consultation, focusing on survivors' views, care providers' issues and gathering eivdence and lessons from international experience.  Each strand of work is led by a sub-group of the Review Group and all include survivor representation, ensuring survivors are at the heart of the process.  these sub groups are currently preparing and piloting the materials to take out for wider consultation.

All survivors and other interested parties will have the opportunity to respond to the wider consultation, which is likely to take place in the May to July 2017 period.  Different ways to take part are being developed to ensure the consultation is as inclusive as possible.  Findings will come back to the InterAction Plan Review Group for analysis and development of options.  The Review Group has considered the timescale required to carry out each stage of the process properly and is of the view that it should be in a position to present options to Scottish Ministers by the end of 2017.

CELCIS will publish all documents and information on its website