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Section 16b Grant Funding Scheme

Section 16b Grants

Discontinuation of Section 16b Annual Funding Scheme

After a wide-ranging review, and with due consideration to finances, the decision has now been made to discontinue the Section 16b annual funding scheme, which has been determined is no longer fit for purpose. 

We are aware that over time a number of stakeholders have begun utilising the Section 16b annual funding scheme to core fund aspects of their operations.  However, this scheme was always designed to provide only project funding to organisations and that was always made clear in all materials issued to applicants.

When applying for Section 16b funding, organisations were informed that funding could end, that they should not become overly reliant on it, and that they should provide the Scottish Government with contingency plans to develop new funding streams in the event of their award ending.  Organisations should now strive to implement these plans as noted in their original, agreed funding applications.