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Map Showing National Engagement Programme Visits


Your views are important to us, please share your views on patients' experience when doctor's surgeries are closed, both what works and what could be improved, by emailing:


National Engagement Programme

Throughout the summer of 2015, Professor Ritchie and the Review Team visited every NHS Board area in Scotland in order to gather views and ideas.

These visits aided the Review Team's understanding of issues facing the delivery and sustainability of primary care services when GP surgeries are closed; such as the recruitment and retention of health care providers. 

With the Report published, we are working on a National Engagement Programme for 2016 which will see Sir Lewis Ritchie conduct a series of follow-up visits in order to see what is working well and where challenges remain.  This will allow the Review Chair to see for himself the test of change underway across the country.

NHS Board Areas

Date (2015)

NHS Board Chief Executive

Dumfries and Galloway

May 26

Jeff Ace


June 16

Lesley McLay

Ayrshire and Arran

June 26

John Burns

Forth Valley

July 2

Jane Grant


July 3

Brian Montgomery (Interim)


July 7

Jane Davidson (Interim)


July 9

Tim Davison

Highland 1

July 10

Elaine Mead


July 16

Ralph Roberts


July 17

Malcolm Wright (Interim)

Greater Glasgow and Clyde

July 21

Robert Calderwood

Highland 2

July 22

Elaine Mead

Western Isles

July 23

Gordon Jamieson


July 28 and 29

Cathie Cowan


July 31

Calum Campbell