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Title:National Review Themes
Description:Key themes, topics and issues being examined as part of Scotland's National Review of Primary Care Out-of-Hours Services.
File:RCGP [PDF, 213.5 kb: 30 Nov 2015]
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File:BMA [PDF, 189.5 kb: 30 Nov 2015]
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File:Pharmacy [PDF, 205.5 kb: 30 Nov 2015]
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File:Third Sector [PDF, 713.1 kb: 30 Nov 2015]
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File:Integrated Joint Boards [PDF, 150.1 kb: 30 Nov 2015]
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File:NHS National Services Scotland [PDF, 395.8 kb: 30 Nov 2015]
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File:Nursing [PDF, 227.6 kb: 02 Dec 2015]
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Please share your views on patients' experience when doctor's surgeries are closed, both what works and what could be improved, by emailing:


National Review Themes

Four themed task groups were established as working groups with specific remits to explore, research and scenario test recommendations around specific aims:

Data and Technology
  • Communications and data flows to support new ways of working in Primary Care Out-of-Hours Services
  • Identify minimum specifications for requirements for clinical records, decision support and integrated records
Workforce and Training
  • Deliver the right skill mix of professional support for patients during the out-of-hours period
Models of Care

To advise on models of care including varying range of needs, including remote and rural, special requirements and other groups. Whilst there are a range of groups with special requirements, those identified for examination during this review include those with needs in relation to palliative care; mental health; frail and elderly; and health inequalities - focusing on deep end practices.

Quality and Safety

To actively explore, research and develop options for recommendations as to how the quality and safety of primary care out-of-hours services can be best measured, assessed and improved.