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Strategy Implementation

We need to ensure the successful delivery of all 40 actions contained within the Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027. To do this, we need effective governance, regular review, and stakeholder involvement. We also need to ensure that there is an effective process for developing further actions over the lifetime of the Strategy.

Our governance arrangements consist of :

  • A Mental Health Strategy Implementation Group (MHSIG), which will monitor the progress of each action in the Strategy.

  • A Bi-annual Forum of stakeholders which will scrutinise, monitor and evaluate progress in relation to delivery of the actions. It will identify ways to achieve further progress to achieve the ambitions in the Strategy, including future refinements and development of additional actions.

  • An annual report on the Strategy’s actions which the Minister for Mental Health will submit to the Scottish Parliament and to the Health and Sport Committee.

    We will use this web page to publish information about the Strategy, and the work of these two groups. The links to the right contain the following information:

  • Terms of Reference for both the MHSIG and the Bi-annual Forum

  • The list of Owners for each of the 40 actions in the Strategy, together with the Link Person in the Scottish Government’s Mental Health Unit

  • The speech made by the Minister for Mental Health at the first Bi-annual Forum meeting on 23 June 2017

  • The delegate list for the first Bi-annual Forum meeting on 23 June 2017

  • Progress Reports - December 2017

  • Summary of Progress - December 2017


Below is a table showing the schedule of MHSIG and Bi-annual Forum meetings.


MHSIG meeting, and which Strategy actions were discussed

Bi-annual forum

May 2017 ( 31st)



June 2017 (23rd)


9am-1pm. The Dome (Edin)

July 2017 (27th)



August 2017 (30th)



September 2017 (27th)



October 2017 (25th)



November 2017 (29th)



December 2017 (6th)


Full day  Dynamic earth (Edin)

January 2018 (31st)



February 2018 (28th)



March 2018 (28th)



April 2018 (30th)