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Promoting Good Mental Health

How we think and feel is central to the way we live our lives. The Scottish Government is committed to promoting good mental health, and has set in place a range of actions to support this.

Mental Health Improvement refers to activity to promote good mental wellbeing in the general population; to reduce the prevalence of common mental health problems; and to improve quality of life for those experiencing mental health problems or mental illness.

The approach is based on a social model of health which recognizes that our mental state is shaped by our social, economic, physical and cultural environments, including people’s personal strengths and vulnerabilities, their lifestyles and health-related behaviours, and economic, social and environmental factors.  

The Mental Health Strategy 2012-2015 for the first time brings together our work on mental health improvement and improving mental health services. It builds on Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotland (2009 - 2011):

The Scottish Government supports a range of delivery agencies working nationally and locally to raise the profile of, and to support further action in, mental health improvement. This includes the Scottish Recovery Network, Choose Life, see me, and Breathing Space. An innovative campaign aimed at supporting people in Scotland to recognise when they are stressed and to take action to start dealing with it - Steps for Stress - also supports mental health improvement in Scotland:

More information on the work already underway in Scotland, news, events and tips on how to maintain and improve your own mental health: