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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – Implementation and Monitoring Group

Key Change Area 1 of the Mental Health Strategy 2012-15 recognises that the period between pregnancy and three years is a critical period in shaping children’s life chances, and that responding early to attachment issues and conduct disorders has a positive effect on the development of the child.

We are also aware that work needs to be done to better understand the mental health needs of looked after children and those with a learning disability.

We recognise the need to reduce the time children have to wait for access to CAMHS, and the importance of ensuring that treatment is available in the community and, if necessary, inpatient admission is to an appropriate environment.

Mental Health Strategy Commitments

The following commitments are part of this work strand. Progress on each of the commitments is available on the Mental Health Strategy Commitments page.

  • Commitment 7: In 2012 we will begin the process of a national roll out of Triple P and Incredible Years parenting programmes to the parents of all 3-4 year olds with severely disruptive behaviour. We will include more information about the delivery of this commitment in our Parenting Strategy which will be published in October 2012.
  • Commitment 8: We shall make basic infant mental health training more widely available to professionals in the children's services workforce. We shall also improve access to child psychotherapy (a profession which specialises in parent infant therapeutic work) by investing in a new cohort of trainees to start in 2013.
  • Commitment 9: We will work with a range of stakeholders to develop the current specialist CAMHS balanced scorecard to pick up all specialist mental health consultation and referral activity relating to looked after children
  • Commitment 10: We will work with clinicians in Scotland to identify good models of Learning Disability CAMH service delivery in use in different areas of Scotland or other parts of the UK which could become or lead to prototypes for future testing and evaluation
  • Commitment 11: We will work with NHS Boards to ensure that progress is maintained to ensure that we achieve both the 2013 (26 week) and the 2014 (18 week) access to CAMHS targets
  • Commitment 12: In addition to tracking variance and shorter lengths of stay, we will focus on reducing admissions of under 18s to adult wards, with a new commitment to reduce figures across Scotland to a figure linked to current performance in the South of Scotland area

Remit of the Group

The Implementation and Monitoring Group's remit is to:

  • Monitor about progress on implementation of the Mental Health Strategy commitments and ensure that information about progress is disseminated accurately
  • Provide advice on the action necessary to deliver each of the commitments
  • Develop thinking about future developments to build on existing commitments and feed into work that follows the Mental Health Strategy

Membership of the Group

The Group is chaired by Geoff Huggins, Head of Mental Health and Protection of Rights Division, Scottish Government. The membership is drawn from a wide range of partners.


The Implementation and Monitoring Group agreed that while work on some of the commitments was well underway, other commitments needed more focused effort to develop a work plan. It agreed to set up two sub-groups:

  • Looked After Children (commitment 9)
  • Admission to Adult Beds (commitment 12)

Each sub-group has been tasked to develop a work plan for approval by the Implementation and Monitoring Group at its next meeting.

Meeting Dates of the Implementation and Monitoring Group

  • June 16, 2015
  • December 16, 2014 - meeting cancelled due to clinical priorities