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Health Services

Scotland's health is improving. But there are still many challenges to overcome to tackle the country's poor health record. The Government has a wide range of initiatives in place to encourage more people to live healthier lives and to reduce smoking, alcohol and drug misuse.

In this section

  • Adults with Incapacity

    Information on ways to help safeguard the welfare and finances of people who lack capacity.

  • Alcohol

    Action to tackle the misuse of alcohol.

  • Armed Forces and Veterans Healthcare

    Information for military personnel and those leaving the Services as a consequence of ill-health or injury.

  • Blood Donation and Transfusion

    Policy about and signposting to more information on blood donation and blood transfusion in Scotland.

  • Cancer

    The Government's policy on treating and preventing cancer.

  • Dentistry

    Action to recruit and retain dentists and improve Scotland's poor oral health record.

  • Drugs

    Drugs policy including preventionand recovery.

  • Eye Care

    Details of the Review of Community Eyecare Services and links to publications.

  • Healthcare in Europe

    Information on the EHIC scheme, unplanned healthcare in Europe including giving birth.

  • Long Term Conditions

    Information regarding the ongoing care and support required for health conditions that last a year or longer.

  • Mental Health

    Information on the improvement of mental health and wellbeing in Scotland.

  • National Review of Out-of-Hours Services

    Information about Scotland's January 2015 National Review of Primary Care Out-of-Hours Services.