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Nursing and Midwifery

The Review of the Senior Charge Nurse (SCN) role and Clinical Quality Indicators (CQI) projects were completed in March 2008 and the implementation phase was commenced.

This was launched by the Cabinet Secretary in June 2008 alongside the publication of Leading Better Care (LBC) and the Education and Development Framework for Senior Charge Nurses:

Leading Better Care set out clear objectives for NHS Boards to meet by December 2010, these were:

  • For all Senior Charge Nurse working in hospitals across NHSScotland to be working in the context of the revised role by 2010
  • To have Clinical Quality Indictors (CQIs) in place in the majority of in patient areas by the end of 2010

During the period between the project phases being completed, the launch and implementation commencing, the national Transitional Steering Group was established to oversee this transition period. The Transitional steering group met from January 2008 until November 2008. In December 2008, the Leading Better Care steering group was established.

Between June and December 2008 an evaluation of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement's 'Productive ward: Releasing Time to Care Learning and Impact Review' was undertaken. Following this fifteen NHS Boards have now taken up the programme and implementation began in June 2009.

Two further, related, programmes are also being implemented in Scotland; Releasing Time to Care - Mental Health and Releasing Time to Care – Community Hospitals.

Between December 2008 and January 2011, the Leading Better Care steering group oversaw the implementation of Leading Better Care and and Releasing Time to Care (ward programmes) supported by the Releasing Time to Care working group and various short life working groups and the two facilitator networks.

In December 2010, the Chief Nursing Officer in collaboration with the Scottish Executive Nurse Directors agreed to continue and progress the work of Leading Better Care, and with the ongoing implementation of Releasing Time to Care, Leading Better Care phase 2 (delivering for patients) has been developed.

Leading Better Care supports Senior Charge Nurses and Midwives and Team Leaders by providing facilitation, support, development and educational opportunities to help them achieve high quality, person centred safe and efficient care for every patient first time and every time. This is achieved by ensuring there are better processes, effective ways of working, efficient and person centred care that result in more effective use of all resources.

Leading Better Care - Delivering for Patients

Leading Better Care enables Senior Charge Nurses / Midwives and Team Leaders to deliver better care in consistent, measurable, evidence based way. To achieve this vision, the following aims and objectives have been agreed:

All Senior Charge Nurse's, Senior Charge Midwives and Team Leaders will be working in the context of the Leadign Better Care components:

  • To ensure safe and effective clinical practice
  • To enhance the patients experience
  • To manage and develop the performance of the team
  • To ensure effective contribution to the delivery of the organisations objectives by March 2013 and able to demonstrate this.

Nurses and Midwives will be able to demonstrate the contribution they make to the quality and experience of care that patients receive under the three themes by March 2013:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Person centred