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The Scottish Government has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard

Environmental Management and Sustainable Performance

We are committed to leading by example in tackling climate change.  In this website you can read about the sustainability performance of our own estate, and what we are doing to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.  Our aim is to make this information easy to understand, consistent from year to year, and reliable.

'Our estate' means the buildings of the Scottish Government and the areas of the Scottish Government that are responsible for the development, implementation and delivery of government policy.  Our buildings include traditional and modern offices, laboratories, a farm and marine research vessels and aircraft.  We employ over 5000 full time equivalent staff.

On 30 November 2015 we published our first Climate Change Duties report.  It details the climate change performance of our estate for 2014–15.  It's presented in line with the Public Bodies Climate Change Duties Reporting Guidance that requires all public sector 'major players' to record and publish environmental data.

We were awarded the Carbon Trust Triple Standard in March 2015.  We are extremely proud to be the first government in the UK to achieve this award. It recognises our significant reductions in energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, management of effluent and waste management since 2012.

Read about our...

Environmental Policy

The objectives the Scottish Government has committed to, in respect of reducing our environmental impact.

Carbon Management Plan

The actions we are taking to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our business activities.


Our environmental management targets for energy, waste and travel.


Our climate change duties reporting up to 2014–15, and the progress we're making in respect of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act, Section 76.


Explore infographics that show our energy consumption.  You can analyse them by fuel type and by building, and write your own queries.