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Environmental Policies

The Office of the Queen’s Printer for Scotland (QPS) is committed to supporting the Scottish Government’s policies in relation to the Environment.

The QPS also supports the UK Government’s initiatives on the environment and particularly the Sustainable Procurement Agenda. QPS expects its contractors to give due regard to environmental considerations, including the use of materials that are or can be recycled and materials that are environmentally safe.

Contractors are expected to prevent pollution and conserve resources through the adoption of environmental best practice and to have achieved the BS EN ISO 14001 standard which specifies the actual requirements for an environmental management system. It applies to those environmental aspects for which the organisation has control and over which it can be expected to have an influence.

In relation to its print publications our Contractors are required to use vegetable based inks and aqueous sealants whilst papers to be used:

  • for documents which require to be of archival quality must contain 30¢ post-consumer waste and FSC certified woodpulps and meet the BS EN ISO 9706 standard
  • for all other documents the minimum recycled fibre content required is 60¢ for coated and 100¢ for uncoated papers, virgin fibre pulp being Elementhal Chlorine Free (ECF) or preferably Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) to be used. Mill broke is not included in the recycled fibre content

Our contractors have access to the Recycled Printed Papers Framework Agreement (Framework Agreement RM112) let by the Department for Transport and operated by OGC Buying Solutions. The papers covered by this contract comprise at least 75¢ recycled fibre for coated and 100¢ for uncoated paper.