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About QPS

The Office of Queen's Printer for Scotland (QPS) was established under section 92 of the Scotland Act 1998. The QPS was specified a non-ministerial office-holder and member of the staff of the Scottish Administration with effect from 1 July 1999.

The Act sets out the responsibilities of the QPS as:

  1. to exercise the Queen's Printer responsibilities in relation to the printing of Acts of the Scottish Parliament and subordinate legislation; and
  2. on behalf of Her Majesty to exercise Her rights and privileges in connection with:
    • Crown copyright in Acts of the Scottish Parliament
    • Crown copyright in subordinate legislation
    • Crown copyright in any existing or future works (other than subordinate legislation) made in the exercise of a function which is exercisable by any office-holder in, or member of the staff of, the Scottish Administration (or would be so exercisable if the function had not ceased to exist)
    • Other copyrights assigned to Her Majesty in works made in connection with the exercise of functions by any such office-holder or member

Section 92(5) of the Scotland Act specifies that the Queen's Printer of Acts of Parliament shall hold the Office of Queen's Printer for Scotland. The Queen’s Printer is based in The National Archives and the functions of the Queen’s Printer for Scotland are carried out from within The National Archives.

The QPS delivers a range of services to the public, information industry and government relating to the publication and re-use of information produced by the Scottish Government. This work complements the policies managed by The National Archives, ensuring that there is a consistent UK wide approach to the management of Crown copyright material.

The QPS produces an Annual Report for Scottish Ministers which sets out details of its costs and performance. The report is laid before the Scottish Parliament and published.

QPS responsibilities are broadly restated, with some modifications, by the Interpretation and Legislative Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, which came into force on June 4, 2010.

The QPS reports directly to the Minister for Parliamentary Business.