Scotland's Public Bodies

crowdPublic bodies play an important role in the delivery of public services in Scotland, making a significant contribution to delivery of the Scottish Government's national outcomes and objectives set out in the National Performance Framework .

Public bodies deliver the priorities of Ministers, or the Parliament, through promotion, delivery, funding and scrutiny of services or by providing impartial, expert advice to Ministers, the Parliament, the public and those who deliver public services. They have the specialist knowledge and skills to focus on specific issues. This provides them with authenticity and credibility with stakeholders and helps them to reach and engage effectively with a wide range of interest groups every public body has a clear framework which balances operational autonomy and accountability to the public.


Public Bodies Directory

Directory providing information on the classification, funding, staff numbers and other important information about Scotland's Public Bodies.

Public Body Information

What is a public body and why do we have them - further details are provided in:

Public Bodies Landscape

The Scottish Government is committed to achieving more effective public services for Scotland by removing unnecessary duplication and establishing structures which can support and drive the delivery of better outcomes for Scotland's people.