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If you wish to contact us about local government finance then please write to:

Local Government Finance Division
Area 3J (North)
Victoria Quay

If you have any specific questions on the these topics then they can be directed to the contacts listed below:

Council tax and Local Income Tax

Catriona Graham: (0131) 244 0761 or email  catriona.graham@gov.scot

Local Authority Capital Expenditure

Andrew Cairney: (0131) 244 1464 or email andrew.cairney@gov.scot

Local Authority Revenue Expenditure

Bill Stitt: tel. (0131) 244 7044 or email Bill.stitt@gov.scot

Local Government Accounting

Hazel Black: tel. (0131) 244 1896 or email Hazel.Black@gov.scot

Non Domestic Rates

Douglas McLaren: tel. (0131) 244 7588 or email marianne.barker@gov.scot