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Local Authority Capital

Local Authority Capital

This section provides information on Local Authority capital expenditure and how it is financed.

The following links will take you to sections providing information, facts and figures on the subjects highlighted:

Capital Expenditure - information on definition of capital expenditure and how it is financed within local authorities.

Financial Framework - information on the financial framework within which the Scottish Government operates in relation to local authority capital expenditure and financing.

Borrowing - information on borrowing by local authorities including supported borrowing, Prudential (self-financed) borrowing, national limit and consent to borrow.

Loan Charge Support - information on funding support provided to local authorities to cover debt charges associated with borrowing for capital expenditure.

Capital Grants - information on capital grants provided to local authorities out-with their central financial settlement each year.

Capital Finance Working Group - agendas, minutes and papers from the main forum for discussion of local government capital finance issues and policy.

Consultations - Consultations undertaken with local government.

Monitoring - information on capital expenditure and financing drawn from returns made by local authorities to the Scottish Government