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Approved Schemes

The Scottish Government has recently been in engagement with its stakeholders to register new schemes under the GBER regulation. This page provides you with an overview of these Schemes, and also has the appropriate web links should you require further information regarding these Schemes.


  Scheme Title Scheme Code Scheme Administrator Details of Scheme
1) Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Support For Training, Employment of Disadvantaged/Disabled Workers and Consultancy. SA.39104 Skills Development Scotland Click here
2) Scottish Enterprise (SE) Research, Development and Innovation Scheme SA.39215 Scottish Enterprise Click here
3) SE Culture, Heritage and Sport Infrastructure Scheme SA.39214 Scottish Enterprise Click here
4) SE SME Aid Scheme SA.39147 Scottish Enterprise Click here
5) SE Environmental Protection Scheme SA.39216 Scottish Enterprise Click here
6) SE Regional and SME Investment Aid Scheme SA.39217 Scottish Enterprise Click here
7) SE Training, Disadvantaged Workers and Workers with Disabilities Scheme SA.39218 Scottish Enterprise Click here
8) Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE) GBER Scheme SA.39220 Highlands and Islands Enterprise Click here
9) Zero Waste Scotland Funding Support Scheme SA.39221 Zero Waste Scotland Click here
10) LA Support for Training and Employability of Disadvantaged Workers SA.39118 SLAED Click here
11) LA Support for Regional Investment, SME Investment and Employment Aid SA.39213 SLAED Click here
12) LA Support for Development and Growth of SMEs SA.39212 SLAED Click here
13) LA Support for Culture, Heritage, Sport, Recreation and Local Authority Infrastructure SA.39672 SLAED Click here
14) Grant Assistance for the Historic Environment SA.41194 Historic Scotland Click here
15) Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme SA.41844 Scottish Government Click here
16) Partnership Support for Regeneration SA.41846 Scottish Government Click here
17) Air Discount Scheme SA.40925 Transport Scotland Click here
18) European Structural & Investment Funds 2014-2020 SMART Growth SA.43048 Scottish Government Click here
19) European Structural & Investment Funds 2014-2020 Inclusive Growth SA.43103 Scottish Government Click here
20) European Structural & Investment Funds 2014-2020 Sustainable Growth SA.43144 Scottish Government Click here
21) Scottish Local Authority Support for Investment Aid for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites SA.42869 Scottish Government Click here
22) Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Innovation Centres GBER scheme 2015-2020 SA.43342 Scottish Funding Council Click here
23) LA Support for Investment Aid for Research Infrastructures and Innovation Centres SA.43413 SLAED Click here
24) Food Processing, Marketing & Co-operation (FPMC) Grants Scheme SA.41654 Scottish Government Click here
25) Scottish Rural Development Programme: LEADER (GBER) Scheme SA.41930 Scottish Government Click here
26) Scottish Food and Drink Industry Scheme SA.42870 Scottish Government Click Here
27) Scottish Local Authority Aid to Make Good the Damage Caused by Certain Natural Disasters SA. 44740 SLAED Click here
28) Decommissioning Challenge Fund SA.48886 Scottish Government Click here
29) Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE) General Block Exemption Scheme 2014-2020 incorporating the 2017 Amending Regulation. SA.48746 HIE Click Here
30) Scottish Local Authority Aid For Ports SA.48885 SLAED Click here
31) Scottish Local Authority Aid For Airports SA.49403 SLAED Click here
32) Sportscotland© Sport and Multifunctional Recreational Infrastructures Scheme SA.49027 Sportscotland Click here
33) Scottish Enterprise Regional Airports, Maritime Ports and Inland Ports Aid Scheme 2017 – 2020 SA.49484 Scottish Enterprise Click here
34) Oil and Gas Technology Centre Support for Research and Innovation SA.46724 SLAED Click here

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