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SGEI De Minimis




 Social Housing




SGEI De Minimis

The SGEI De Minimis Regulation is a new provision. It allows:

  • Up to €500,000 to be granted over 3 fiscal years.
  • The aid can only be given for the provision of an SGEI.
  • Any form of de minimis aid granted must be cumulated and cannot exceed the €500,000 threshold.
  • The €500,000 de minimis aid under this Regulation cannot be cumulated with any compensation in respect of the same SGEI regardless of whether it constitutes State aid.
  • The aid can be given as a grant, a loan or a loan guarantee.
  • There must be a form of entrustment between the beneficiary and the aid grantor.
  • The aid grantor must inform the recipient  that it is being given as de minimis aid.
  • Records must be kept for 10 fiscal years from the date on which the aid was granted.


De minimis aid cannot be cumulated with other compensation for the same service, including aid-free compensation under Altmark. In terms of interaction with general de minimis aid, cumulation up to an aggregate amount of €500,000 is permitted.


The full text of the SGEI de minimis Regulation can be accessed here

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