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Public Bodies

Public Bodies Unit

The Public Bodies Unit work can be defined within three key areas (Governance, Strategic Alignment and Capacity and Capability). These are:

  • Collate and analyse information from the annual certificates of assurance process

  • Update guidance for sponsorship

  • Update On Board guidance and training for sponsor teams

  • Sign off new Model Codes of Conduct

  • Review Framework Documents and update model framework document

  • Review public bodies corporate and business plans

  • Maintain the Public Bodies Database

  • Facilitate Accountable Officer training in partnership with Governance and Risk colleagues

  • Support the creation of new public bodies and provide updated guidance for new bodies/mergers

  • Network and work with SG corporate (Finance, Pay Policy, People Directorate PAWD , Digital, Procurement, etc.)

  • New settlement agreement approach

  • Issue Public Bodies updates and bulletins

  • Review sponsorship guidance

  • Respond to queries from SG and Public Bodies

  • Strategic Alignment

  • Provide updates and briefing for the Delivery Group (Agency and Non- Ministerial Department Chief Executives)

  • Provide updates and briefing for NDPB Chief Executives Group

  • Support Directors and Deputy Directors on strategic corporate expectations discussion

  • Renew PSR Act clauses (to change public bodies duties or abolish to improve efficiency, effectiveness, economy, or to remove or reduce burdens)

  • Facilitate the Sponsorship Forum (also covered by capacity and capability)

  • Reform Network for Sponsor Directors (also covered by capacity and capability)

  • Review the classification of public bodies

  • Provide support to the PSR programme

  • Capacity and Capability

  • Facilitate the Sponsorship Forum and provide support to sponsor teams

  • Develop and support events for Non-Executive Directors .Develop and support events to progress the Public Boards and Corporate Diversity Programme

  • Support Sponsor Deputy Directors