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Improvement Framework

Why the 3-Step Improvement Framework matters

To get the transformational change we need across our public services we must find new ways to radically improve the outcomes that matter most to the people of Scotland. And make sure they stick.

We need fast reform that will reduce inequalities while creating financial sustainability. This reform must be driven by evidence based values, designed to meet local needs and provide opportunities to build upon the assets of our people and communities.

What the 3-Step Improvement Framework does

The 3-Step Improvement Framework for Scotland’s Public Services outlines guiding principles to help us achieve improvement on this scale.

The Improvement Framework recognises that across our public services and communities we do not lack the will to make things better or, often, the ideas needed for improvement. It outlines key principles to support us to turn this will into practical action and make change happen at a local level, at the scale and the pace we need.

The Improvement Framework:

  • provides a clear and structured approach to change and improvement whether applied to deep rooted societal issues or to improving organisational processes and systems; it exists to help the right change happen.
  • understands all improvement happens locally and the importance of creating the right conditions to support this.
  • promotes a ‘get started and do’ approach

The principles at the core of the Improvement Framework are already being applied to a wide range of exciting projects in different areas that are important to the people of Scotland. These include the Early Years Collaborative