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Efficiency Targets

Since 2008-09, the Scottish Government has applied a series of annual efficiency targets to itself and public sector bodies in Scotland. The purpose of this target is to release cash which these bodies retain and can use for other purposes, while maintaining service outputs and outcomes.

Ministers continue to place great importance on public services managing their resources carefully and actively in order to deliver the best results for people in Scotland.  With this in mind, while also ensuring that expectations on public services are realistic, Ministers have confirmed that the 3% annual efficiency target to which public bodies have been subject in recent years should be rolled forward for 2017-18. 

Section 32 of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010) requires designated public bodies to publish a statement covering a range of information, including their efficiency returns.  In line with this, once 2017-18 has ended, each such public body should publish an annual statement recording efficiencies it delivered during the financial year.

Point of Contact 
David Milne
Community Planning and Empowerment Unit
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