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Short-Life Working Group

Community Councils Short-Life Working Group

In December 2011, the Scottish Government established a short-life working group to consider and recommend how best to build the resilience, capacity, and capability of Community Councils in the future.  

The Scottish Government would like to thank the Group for its final report and recommendations, which include consideration of internal operations; Community Councils’ engagement and relationships with local authorities; the wider public sector; the general public; and the communities that they strive to represent. 

The Group agreed that in the spirit of partnership working and in recognition of the key role local authorities play in supporting Community Councils, its report should be presented to both the Scottish Government and COSLA to consider collectively and ultimately decide which recommendations should be taken forward. The Group also agreed that consideration of its recommendations would benefit from wider discussion and engagement with a range of stakeholders with an interest in the sector which will inform and support the future policy development of Scotland's Community Councils.


Alasdair McKinlay (*Chair - Scottish Government)

Alex Hewetson (COSLA nominated representative for Community Councils)

Sheila Garson (Shapinsay Community Council, Orkney Islands Council)

Keith Giblett (Queensferry & District Community Council, City of Edinburgh Council)

Logan Inglis (Reston & Auchencrow Community Council, Scottish Borders Council)

Stephanie Simpson (Lambhill & District Community Council, Glasgow City Council)

Jim Whyte (Irvine Community Council, North Ayrshire Council)

Sheila Armstrong (Dumfries & Galloway Council)

Lesley Baillie (Clackmannanshire Council)

Helen Geddes (Stirling Council)

Charles Reppke (Argyll & Bute Council)

Maureen Stephen (Aberdeenshire Council)

*The first meeting of the group on 7 December 2011 was chaired by Derek Mackay MSP, Minister Designate for Local Government and Planning, whose ministerial portfolio will cover Community Councils.


The agreed remit of the working group was to look at ways to build the resilience and capacity of Community Councils, in order to strengthen their role and relevance as voices for their communities.

Within this remit, the working group focussed its activity around five specific aims:

  • Supporting Community Councils to play an active role in their communities (including exploration of current legislative status) and to work together to share experience and good practice;
  • Strengthening the role of Community Council Liaison Officers in supporting Community Councils, including in the provision of training and development;
  • Increasing diversity of representation on Community Councils (including exploration of wider public perception and awareness of Community Councils);
  • Strengthening the link between Community Councils and Community Planning: and,
  • Role of Community Councils in project/asset management and service provision.


The agenda and papers were made available shortly after each meeting, and minutes made available once agreed by the working group.

Meeting of 7 December 2011


Paper CCWG 1.1  -  Working Group remit and membership

Paper CCWG 1.2  -  Secretariat and reporting arrangements

Paper CCWG 1.3  -  Working principles

Minutes  -  Agreed minutes of the meeting of 7 December 2011

Meeting of 24 January 2012


Minutes  -  Agreed minutes of the meeting of 24 January 2012

Meeting of 28 February 2012


Minutes - Agreed minutes of the meeting of 28 February 2012

Meeting of 10 April 2012


Paper CCWG 4.1 - Information on Community Council elections

Minutes - Agreed minutes of the meeting of 10 April 2012

Meeting of 22 May 2012


Paper CCWG 5.1 - Draft proposals for data collection exercise

Paper CCWG 5.2 - Discussion paper on legislative purpose of Community Councils

Paper CCWG 5.3 - Review of Community Planning and Single Outcome Agreements - Statement of Ambition

Paper CCWG 5.4 - Review of Community Planning and Single Outcome Agreements - Update

Minutes - Agreed minutes of the meeting of 22 May 2012

Meeting of 25 June 2012


Paper CCWG 6.1 - 2nd draft of proposals for data collection exercise

Paper CCWG 6.2 - Summary overview of submissions to the group

Minutes - Agreed minutes of the meeting of 25 June 2012