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What is a Puchase to Pay Review?

What is a purchase to pay (P2P) Review?

A P2P Review is an independent review undertaken by the Scottish Governments (SG) eCommerce Post Award Team. It is a free service designed to give an in-depth review of the P2P processes and systems currently implemented. It provides advice, support and guidance in optimising business processes and exploiting all available technologies. The review will highlight current challenges faced by those who use and manage these processes and systems. It will also evidence where the opportunities for change exist.

The Purchase to Pay Review process

The P2P Review process starts with a kick-off presentation to the public body. This provides an understanding of the review process and is followed by stakeholder interviews to gain an overview of the organisation and its processes. An online survey is then created and issued to stakeholders. The data is collated and analysed to produce a final presentation with all the findings. This information is then transformed into an action plan and provided to senior management to progress and implement.  

The Purchase to Pay review process