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Implementing PECOS

Implementing PECOS

PECOS is available to all Scottish public bodies looking to implement an online purchase to pay (P2P) system. Access to PECOS is free, however, there are some standard set up costs associated with the initial implementation stage.  

Key PECOS questions

It is worth taking some time to understand how your organisation values P2P by asking these five simple questions:

  • What are the controls and systems currently in place to manage and support the P2P process within your organisation?
  • Do managers within your organisation have accurate, robust and reliable information on what is being bought, by whom and for what price to enable them to properly manage their budgets?
  • Is your organisation generating best value from what is being spent?
  • Is your organisation's payment performance being properly managed?
  • Is your P2P process as efficient as it could be?

The implementation process is available online.