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Catalogue Content Management (CCM) is offered as part of the eCommerce Shared Service and is available for use by all public sector organisations, regardless of what systems they have in place.  

The Catalogue Content Management hub hosts electronic catalogues for contracts at national, sectoral and local level. It increases compliance to contracts, drives out contract management information and embeds standard procedures and processes. The hub allows suppliers and procurement teams to easily manage the upload, validation, approval and publication of electronic catalogues for use by public bodies. The hub also enables the distribution of catalogues in a variety of formats, such as the PECOS P2P (Purchase to Pay) catalogue file, to allow the upload of catalogues into different P2P systems. Organisations who do not have a P2P system in place, can log-in directly to CCM to browse available catalogues and print off a shopping basket.

Role of a Buyer

Within CCM, buyers can create and manage contracts, validate, approve and disseminate electronic catalogue content. CCM features a series of services to support the public bodies users in completing the various catalogue management activities including:

  • automated catalogue versioning
  • automated activation/deactivation of content (depending on contract, catalogue or catalogue item configuration)
  • automated dissemination of content
  • comparison reports of different catalogue versions
  • supplier ranking within a contract, for default items whilst conducting item searches
  • capability to act on behalf of suppliers.