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Mobile Voice & Data Services



In September 2011 and March 2012, Scottish Procurement  carried out two collaborative mini competitions for Mobile Voice and Data Services (MV&D). They incorporated eAuctions and were competed under a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework. These arrangements and the resultant call-off contracts are shortly due to expire.

Scottish Procurement carried out an opportunity assessment to determine the likely demand and optimum solution for meeting MV&D for the Scottish public sector going forward. The recommendation was for another collaborative mini competition through the CCS Network Services framework (RM1045).

Scottish Procurement have recently concluded a mini competition via the CCS Network Services framework (RM1045) on behalf on 21 Scottish public sector. Vodafone was successful in this competition. Commitment was required from organisations prior to commencement of the mini competition process. Only those public sector organisations that provide this formal commitment will be able to call-off against the mini competition arrangement.

Please register your interest in participating any further collaborative mini competitions with David Box – Senior Portfolio Specialist, noting the final date for providing commitment below. 

What is in scope?

Mobile voice and data services  

What is out of scope?

  • Paging Services
  • Fixed telephony services

Who is this available to?

The MV&D arrangement will be available to all Scottish Public sector organisations that have provided commitment and been named as part of the Invitation to Tender.


The result of the collaborative mini competitions has demonstrated significant cost savings.  Other benefits include providing a simple route to market for MV&D, a co-terminus condition and handsets not locked to a particular network at the end of their contract period. This is an advantageous position to be in as it will significantly increase an organisation’s purchasing power at the end of their contract.

Current status



Contact and feedback to:

David Box – Senior Portfolio Specialist

Contract Supplier(s)

There are two routes to market available via a CCS framework; PSN Services  (RM1498) and Network Services (RM1045) which went live on 27 July 2015. Scottish Procurement used the network services framework for the recent mini competition as it provides the most up-to-date tariffs, services and terms and conditions, a simpler and more flexible call-off process and a greater range of suppliers (including SMEs). The suppliers on Lot 6 – Mobile Voice and Data are:

  • Airbus DS Ltd
  • Airwave Solutions Ltd
  • Alternative Networks Plc
  • ATOS IT Services UK Ltd
  • Azzurri Communications Ltd
  • Block Solutions Ltd
  • British Telecommunications Plc
  • Daisy Communications Ltd
  • EE Ltd
  • Freedom Communications (UK) Ltd
  • Gamma Telecom Ltd
  • Intrinsic Technology Ltd
  • KCOM Group Plc
  • Pinacl Solutions UK Ltd
  • Telefonica UK Ltd
  • Virgin Media Business Ltd
  • Vodafone Ltd

Contract or Framework Agreement guidance

CCS Framework Homepage

You will need to register to access the Lot information – you can do this using the instructions in the following link:

RM1045 - Network Services

More information

David Box – Senior Portfolio Specialist