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Public Procurement Group (PPG) - Key Trend Data

The Public Procurement Group (PPG) have developed Key Trend Data Indicators (KTDIs), a new reporting tool to provide an overview of trend developments in procurement. 

A simplified, concise tool, the KTDIs are more accessible and focused than previous performance measurement tools. The tool is designed to support process completion and facilitate a higher completion rate.

Data is collated from a single source – the Procurement and Commercial Improvement Programme (PCIP) assessments – meaning compilation is from available information and requiring no additional data collection. The data reported will be trend based (after the first year) and used annually. PPG are aware that PCIP assessments are not annual and that sectors may be at different stages, however the KTDIs tool will be able to reflect core progress to share after year one (with learnings understood).

All public sector organisations will be asked to complete KTDIs on an annual basis, supported if required by their respective centre of expertise. The reporting process began in June 2016.