Single Point of Enquiry

What is the Single Point of Enquiry (SPoE)?

The Single Point of Enquiry has been established to help suppliers who are having issues or concerns with a procurement exercise being carried out by Scottish public sector organisations. It provides an independent, impartial and confidential service for suppliers and potential suppliers to the Scottish public sector.

What should I do before approaching the SPoE?

It is important that, in the first instance, you have sought to resolve your concerns fully with the buying organisation. The SPoE will be unable to progress with your enquiry any further until you have done so.

What can’t the SPoE do?

Please note that all public bodies operate independently from Scottish Ministers for their procurement activities, are responsible for running their own tendering exercises and for the decisions they take as part of those exercises. Neither the SPoE or the Scottish Government have any formal powers to investigate suppliers concerns, or change decisions taken by another public body.

However, the SPoE offers an informal service to suppliers and can provide the following assistance:

What can the SPoE do to help?

If you have been unable to resolve any concerns or issues that you have directly with the buying organisation, the SPoE can help. We can do this by:

  • offering advice and assistance regarding the procurement rules and regulations which must be followed by public bodies within Scotland.
  • providing information on how contracts are advertised and awarded
  • work with suppliers and buying organisations to try to resolve your concerns amicably

Further examples of SPoE successes and how it can help, can be found in the SPoE case studies.