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Summary of Key Points to Remember
Zone A - Preparation
  • Register on Public Contracts Scotland and sign up for email alerts.
  • Ensure that your Supplier profile is up to date and that you have signed up for email alerts.
  • Analyse your business in a public sector context - understand what parts of the public sector seek your business, and how much is usually spent per year.
  • Attend 'Meet the Buyer events' and use other means of making your business known to your target market.
  • Understand whether your business has the resources to commit to high value and complex procurement procedures ( formal tendering process) or whether the lower value quotations route is more suitable for your business - or a mixture of the two.
  • If you are unsuccessful, get feedback through a debriefing session with the buyer.
  • If you have a concern about a specific procurement process contact The Single Point of Enquiry (SPoE).
Zone B – Bidding
  • Key points to consider before tendering or preparing a quotation.
  • Analyse the Contract notice and/or procurement documents - can you match the technical, skill and experience requirements?
  • How much will it cost to prepare your bid? Does the potential profit from the contract justify your interest?
  • Would the work fit in with your strategy and positioning of your business? If the contract is very high value the procurement could take the best part of a year to be concluded - does this timescale fit with your existing business commitments?
  • Assess how the contract would affect your other work, staffing and ability to take on other new business.
  • How important the customer is to your business?
  • A quotation should cover the following:
  • A breakdown of the requirements as understood by the supplier - this is to ensure that any misunderstanding in the requirements are identified and clarified early on.
  • A description of how the supplier has the skills and experience to deliver the requirements.
  • Practical details of how the requirements will be fulfilled.
  • Any guarantees, After Sales Service, or warranty period.
  • Price.
Tendering for Contracts
  • Note interest in the contract.
  • Access the procurement documents.
  • Ensure you fully understand the requirement - ask the buyer for clarification on any point if required.
  • Ensure you have sufficient capacity to resource 1) the bidding process 2) delivery of the requirement if the bid is successful.
 Zone C - Delivery

When delivering the contract suppliers should:

  • Ensure timescales are met
  • Respond quickly to queries or problems
  • Submit invoices on a regular basis, in accordance with the conditions of contract.
  • Don't be afraid to suggest new products/solutions. Innovation is frequently welcomed.
  • Understand the performance criteria you are expected to meet when delivering the contract.
  • Speak to your customer regularly to ensure that you are both getting the maximum benefit from the contract.