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Restricted Procedure

The Restricted Procedure is used where there are likely to be many suppliers interested in the opportunity. Buyers using the restricted procedure can limit the number of suppliers to invite to tender to those with the best capacity and capability to meet the contract requirements.

This procedure has two distinct stages:

Selection stage

This stage requires interested suppliers to complete an ESPD allowing bidders to self-declare that they meet the relevant selection and exclusion criteria.

It does not relate to how suppliers would fulfil the requirement (that is, it does not ask how you would plan to deliver the contract).

Once the contract notice is published, suppliers will have a minimum of 30 days to submit requests to be selected to tender.

Suppliers who are shortlisted may be asked to provide evidence and supporting documents that they meet the relevant exclusion and selection criteria as declared in their ESPD response.

Award stage

Suppliers shortlisted at the selection stage will be issued with the Invitation to Tender documents.

There will be a minimum of 5 companies invited to tender (where there are at least 5 suitably qualified or experienced companies).

See also: Further information on advertsing time limits for returning tenders.

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