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Contract Award Procedures

There are a number of different procedures available to be buyers carrying out procurement exercises above the OJEU thresholds. From the outset, the contract notice for the procurement exercise will clearly state which procedure will be followed.

The two most common procedures are:

Open Procedure – when this procedure is used anyone interested in the contract will be invited to tender in order to ensure maximum competition.  This will include completing the ITT documents which also contain the ESPD.

Restricted Procedure - is used where there are likely to be many suppliers interested in the opportunity and the buyer wishes to restrict the number to invite to tender to those with the best capacity and capability to meet the contract requirements.

The restricted procedure has two stages:

1) the selection stage where suppliers are asked to complete an ESPD principally used to assess the capability and capacity of potential suppliers, and

2) the award stage, where suppliers who are shortlisted at the selection stage are invited to submit a full tender.

The following procedures may also be used:

Minimum advertising time limits apply for all of the above procedures. These are intended to allow suppliers sufficient time to prepare their bids/responses, and are clearly stated in the contract notice.

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