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What is an eAuction?

An eAuction is an electronic system for the presentation of new prices or values. It is an online auction where suppliers use internet-based software to bid against each other in real time against a published specification.

eAuctions occur towards the end of the procurement process, after full evaluation of tenders. The buyer may conduct an  eAuction based on price and/or values of features from the specification to identify most economically advantageous tender

When are eAuctions used?

Buyers will sometimes use eAuctions when:

  • the requirement is of sufficient size to attract competition
  • the requirement can be accurately specified
  • there is a competitive market

An eAuction can be used in conjunction with:

  • The open procedure;
  • The restricted procedure;
  • Competitive Procedure with Negotiation
  • To conduct mini-competitions under a Framework Agreement.
  • A dynamic purchasing system.

An eAuction may not be used:

  • in public services or public works contracts whose subject matter involves intellectual performance, such as the design of works
  • to prevent, restrict or distort competition
  • for some services, for which it is not suitable, such as social care

If a buyer intends to conduct an eAuction they will make that clear in the contract notice and details of the process will be included in the specification for the requirement.

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