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Public Contracts Scotland

Public Contracts Scotland makes it easy to find contract opportunities from across the public sector in Scotland.

All Scottish public bodies must use Public Contracts Scotland to advertise and award contracts above certain thresholds.

Public Contracts Scotland is the national advertising website where Scottish public sector organisations:

  • post Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) contract notices (contracts over the EU thresholds)
  • post below-threshold contract notices
  • invite suppliers to submit quotations for low value/risk goods and services through the online 'Quick Quote' system
  • publish contract award notices
  • can reserve suitable contracts for supported businesses Public Contract Scotland also contains links to other UK and Ireland national public sector procurement portals where details of contract opportunities from elsewhere in the UK may be found.
What you need to do:
  • Register on Public Contracts Scotland
  • Ensure that the goods and services your company provides are comprehensively described on the system
  • Sign up for email alerts
  • For more information on the service provided by Public Contracts Scotland contact Public Contracts Scotland support

To register on the site, visit Public Contracts Scotland where you will be asked to follow a short and simple process to:

  • set up a supplier profile - you will be asked to provide some brief details on your business (number of employees, whether you are a registered charity or a supported business etc)
  • list the commodities your business supplies from a drop down list of commodity categories
  • register for free email alerts - the system will match the commodities you have identified to contract opportunities and automatically alert you when a contract seeking the goods, works or services you provide is advertised
What happens then?

Public sector buyers may use Quick Quote to obtain competitive quotes for low value/low risk purchases from suppliers who are registered on the website. Only suppliers selected to quote can access the details of the contract opportunity and submit a quote. More information on this process is covered in the quotation section of the Supplier Journey.

Please note that suppliers do not need to register separately in order to receive quick quotes.

For higher value contracts, buyers will place contract notices which give suppliers information about the planned tendering process. Registered suppliers will automatically receive email alerts when contracts for their products are advertised. Through the portal you can then download the contract notice, use the online Q&A facility to liaise with the buying public body, and formally note your interest and bid for the contract. Where the buyer is using PCS-Tender to carry out the procurement exercise this will be clearly stated and suppliers should follow instructions included within the contract notice to access the procurement documents.

More information on the tendering process is covered in the tendering section of the Supplier Journey.

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