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When the quotes or tenders are received, the buyer will evaluate them and make the decision to award the contract.

Depending on the procurement route taken, the award procedure will be slightly different.


When the Buyer has evaluated the quotes received they will notify the successful supplier in writing.

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When the buyer has identified the successful supplier from the evaluation process they will, for higher value contracts, issue a standstill notice to all tenderers as soon as possible after the contract award decision has been made.

If a public body fails to correctly maintain the standstill period, they can incur a financial penalty and the contract may be abandoned.

The contract will be finalised to reflect the successful bidder’s submission and the agreed terms and conditions.

In all instances where contract values are above £50k for goods and services and £2m for construction, the public body must publish a contract award on Public Contracts Scotland within 30 days of contract award.

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