When the public sector buys goods, works or services, it has to follow strict rules. This means that bidding for a public sector contract can seem complicated and timeconsuming.

The Supplier Journey:

  • explains the process of awarding a public sector contract in straightforward terms
  • sets out what buyers expect you to do at each stage in that process
  • gives practical information on how you can find out about business opportunities, how to bid for business, and what to expect when delivering the contract
  • tells you what support is available to help you win business, and what you can do if you are unsuccessful.

This guide is not a substitute for legal and professional advice. When you are bidding for business you must ask the buying organisation for specific details about each tender.

The Journey is split into three zones and you can jump directly to the zone you are interested in by clicking on one of the icons in the left hand column.

Here is an overview of the entire Journey

As you can see, Zone B has two routes: Quotations (low value contracts) and Tendering (higher value and more complex contracts).

Supplier Journey Full - decision