Supplier Journey Card

Supplier Journey Card

This is the first version of the Supplier Journey. We are keen to get your feedback on the usefulness of the guidance, and any areas for improvement.

Please take a few moments to email us your feedback on what might improve the Journey.

We are particularly interested in the following points:

  • Structure/Flow of Information
    (once we think we have the structure right we will make the map below interactive, with clickable links direct to stages on the Journey - it will look and feel like the Buyer Journeys)
  • Content and wording
  • Usefulness - did the Supplier Journey give you the information you needed to help you do business with the public sector?
  • What you like/don't like?
  • What improvements would you like to see for future versions?

Your feedback will be used to improve the finished version of the Supplier Journey, and your comments will continue to ensure that it remains user-friendly, informative, and tells you what you need to know to do business with the Public Sector.

Supplier Journey

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